Residential Discount Club

Residential Discount Club

Regular maintenance and parts are an investment for your HVAC and plumbing systems. Unfortunately, it’s an investment many people don’t make, and down the road it can result in more emergency situations and costly repair bills. To ensure the comfort and happiness of our customers and the maintenance of their systems, we’re offering savings and discounts on maintenance and parts for anyone with an up-to-date Residential Discount Club membership.

Staying current with a membership offers you these great benefits:

• Top-priority service
• Regularly scheduled maintenance for increased operating efficiency
• Reduced likelihood of inconvenient and costly emergency calls
• Prolonged effective life of your equipment
• One-day replacement
• 15% discount on parts & discounted labor for your air and heating systems
• Monthly discount specials
• Service within 24 hours or your diagnostic fee is waived
• A full, one-year guarantee
• No run-around charges if we don’t have the part you need in our truck
• No overtime charges
• Protection against inflation – your investment is fixed during the agreement period
• Discounts can be used toward future purchases or the replacement of a new system
• More marketable home, if you decide to sell – the Discount Club is transferable

Contact us to see how you can become a Discount Club Member.

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