Donegal Mutual Insurance New Boiler Plant

Donegal Mutual Insurance New Boiler Plant

Completed in: Lancaster, PA

The Donegal Mutual Insurance Company’s new boiler plant was a project highlight for the Frey Lutz HVAC mechanical team. Creativity, competence and flexibility were needed throughout this unique 15 month project. Work began on Donegal Mutual’s new boiler plant in July 2014. The project encompassed completing the new 5,000 square foot boiler plant which serves the main building of over 200,000 square feet.

The project got underway with the relocation of the existing cooling tower and rerouting underground piping to a temporary location so construction could begin. Lovingly referred to as the boiler house this plant was constructed to be extremely efficient but also aesthetically pleasing inside and out. The bi-fuel system is anchored by four 75HP Bryant boilers with specialty Italian Riello burners. Over 4,300 linear feet of copper and steel pipe were used connecting the new system into the mechanical room in the center of the existing building. Three Armstrong centrifugal 60HP pumps plus an additional 13 support pumps were installed. A 675MBH heat exchanger and protective glycol system were used.

A dedicated water treatment system was installed for the HVAC system to ensure the quality of the water in the closed loop system to prevent rust. A high efficient coalescing dirt and air separator were installed for a flow rate of 1500GPM. Water wire flow meters were used to monitor and optimize energy efficiency. Partnering with Johnson Controls Inc., an automatic master control panel was put in for ease of operability. The Frey Lutz Team effectively delivered and expertly installed a mechanical system that delivers comfort throughout, efficiently and economically.

The project was not without challenges. Parallel pipes had to be run from the boiler plant to the center of the existing building through occupied areas. Straight runs of pipe were rare and creative means and methods were used to accommodate the new piping. Specialty hangers, placed closer than standard were used to ensure safe load bearing of the heavy steel pipe. New soffits were constructed in occupied office areas for concealment. Floors were trenched in other areas to accommodate the piping.

Coordination and cooperation were imperative with the construction team to ensure minimal disruption for building occupants.

Beautifully designed, the boiler house has unique elements making it a very interesting project. The brick building boasts a slate roof and large custom windows. Specialty architectural louvers were designed to allow air flow but prevent rain infiltration into the boiler house. The large windows allow clear sight into the boiler house. To keep the inside aesthetically pleasing the pipes were color coded. Color coded insulation jackets were used on all pipes to distinguish function. By partnering with Masters Mechanical Insulation we created a visually appealing and beautifully functioning installation.

Also included in the contract, two heating and ventilating (5000CFM & 2500CFM) units were installed for the maintenance support area and boiler house. The duct system included silencers to limit noise. A 5000-gallon diesel fuel tank with complete leak detection system was installed to serve the generators and the fueling station for maintenance vehicles. This required additional state certification and safety inspections.

Innovation, team work, partnership and excellence are the cornerstones of Frey Lutz Corp and these cornerstones proved to be the right foundation for this exceptional project. The Frey Lutz Team is proud and honored to have been selected as the mechanical contractor of choice for the Donegal Mutual Insurance Company’s new boiler plant. We are humbled to serve the citizens of Lancaster County and Central Pennsylvania through our builder partner relationships.

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