Mechanical HVAC Services

Mechanical HVAC Services

We recognize that over one-third of a company’s total monthly power consumption can be attributed to the operation of the heating and cooling system. Commercial heating and cooling systems serve a vital role in your cost saving initiatives. This makes choosing the right HVAC partner vital to the financial health of your company.

We pride ourselves on our work and we make sure we deliver quality results every time. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or service, our customers look to us for cost-effective, worry-free HVAC solutions and quality that’s on-target and on-time – every time.

  • AutoCAD Design and Coordination

    Working flawlessly with our HVAC design/build teams, our in-house engineering service and CAD capabilities can help you get the exact HVAC and plumbing systems you need. We always go above and beyond in everything we do. Whether we’re preparing detailed drawings, estimating fabrication needs, or preparing field installations, we have the experience and in-house tools to deliver. Providing AutoCAD design and coordination allows us to offer you our capability and expertise in every step of your project.

  • Laser Pump Alignment

    Misalignment costs you serious money –

    Misalignment increases bearing and seal wear and leads to premature failures. It also increases power consumption of the motor, increasing electrical costs. For example, studies show that for a 3000 RPM an increase in the coupling gap of just .015″ can cause motor power consumption to rise by 4%. Multiply this by hundreds of machines and this adds up to serious loss of revenue each year.

    Increasing alignment accuracy has been shown to:

    • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 7%

    • Increase bearing and seal life by up to 8 times:

    • Increase machine availability by up to •12%

    • Reduce energy costs by 5% to 12%

    • Significantly increase coupling life

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