ATC (Automated Temperature Control)

ATC (Automated Temperature Control)

ATC regulates things like temperature, humidity levels, outside air intake, and indoor air quality from a main control unit. It can make heating and cooling your building much more efficient and result in huge energy savings across the board. A typical HVAC system allows for temperature controls but Automatic Temperature Control takes that one step further and can make a big difference in the experience inside your building, in the efficiency of heating or cooling your building and most importantly, in your energy bill.

How it works depends on what you need. You can separate your building into sections or apply ATC to every room of your building. By heating or cooling room-by-room or by sectioning your building, you can stop heating and cooling empty space and save energy, increasing efficiency and reducing your energy costs drastically. In many cases, rooms in your building will run naturally hotter or colder than the rest. ATC will ensure you can keep those rooms under control without affecting the rest of the building. With an ATC system in place, you are guaranteed to increase efficiency and lower costs. Learn more about ATC by contacting our knowledgeable team.

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