Celebrating Nancy: A Legacy of Leadership and Dedication

After 42 years of dedicated service, our esteemed Chief Financial Officer, Nancy, is embarking on a well-deserved retirement. Nancy has been more than a CFO; she has been a cornerstone of our company, deeply involved in every facet of our operations and success.


Nancy joined us as a young, enthusiastic professional with innovative ideas and a strong work ethic. Over the decades, her expertise and foresight have been pivotal in navigating our company through financial complexities with unwavering grace and intelligence. Her strategic financial management steered us through challenging times and paved the way for prosperous growth.

Beyond her financial acumen, Nancy’s leadership style has been a blend of inspiration and practicality. She has mentored professionals within the company, imparting wisdom and instilling a sense of responsibility and integrity. Her approach to leadership has always been inclusive, fostering a workplace culture that values transparency and collaboration.

As we bid farewell to Nancy, we reflect on her impact on our company. It’s not just the balance sheets that thrived under her watch—she has made our workplace a better environment for everyone.

Nancy, your legacy at Frey Lutz is not just recorded in our ledgers but in the lives you’ve touched and the standards you’ve set. As you move on to this next chapter, know that your influence will continue to guide us. We thank you for your incredible contributions and wish you all the joy and relaxation retirement can offer.

Here’s to new adventures, Nancy—may they be as rewarding and fulfilling as your career has been with us.

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